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WDOs: What are they?

Updated: Nov 10, 2020

What is a WDO anyway?

WDO stands for Wood Destroying Organisms. These are most commonly known as termites, though they can take form as fungi or beetles as well.

Termites can form colonies and multiply very quickly, causing major damage to the structure of your home.

What can be done about WDOs?

While WDOs can cause devastating damage, there are techniques you can utilize to mitigate them. If you find that a property suffers from WDOs, you can treat the soil surrounding the barrier of the home with termite-killing chemicals, or you can use liquid termite insecticides.

Welcome Home Inspections can recommend trusted pest control partners, should you find that you’re dealing with unwanted WDOs.

When do you need a WDO inspection?

Whether you are buying or selling a home, you’ll want a WDO inspection. Whether it is part of the selling agreement, or just you want peace of mind that the property is free of wood destroying organisms, a WDO inspection is the way to go.

Welcome Home Inspections is trained in recognizing WDO’s, will provide a comprehensive report and recommendations.

Here are some conditions that Welcome Home Inspections will look for:

  • Mulch, landscape timbers or other wooded materials near your property

  • Wood siding of your home that is in direct contact with soil

  • Leaky plumbing that could attract unwanted pests and lead to wood rot

  • Foundational cracks in the structure of your home that would allow pest entry

  • Firewood stored against your house

Are WDO inspections required if I am selling my house?

YES. Typically it is a requirement of a real estate transaction to provide a WDO report. To schedule yours, contact Cory Lillie at



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